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I have a question dearies...

2014-06-23 05:21:31 by CherryLolo

So. I had this idea of making t-shirts. I honestly don't think that many people are going to buy t-shirts with big boobie babes on it.

Now, I want to draw different... let's say Logos or vectors for them.
Do you think it's a good idea? I'm going to post a few samples soon.

Just wanted to hear, what you think about the t-shirt idea.

Heya :D

2014-06-22 15:08:26 by CherryLolo

Haven't posted anything in a while O:
Just wanted to say hello and ask how you guys've been?
What's new?

Here's my facebook Art Site again, in case you've missed out :3

Some Info about me and my art :)

2014-01-10 14:01:07 by CherryLolo

Feel free to contact me, if you have any questions or advice :D