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Support me on patreon

2016-10-23 20:22:13 by CherryLolo

It's official: I just launched on Patreon! Check out my new page here: .

If you become my patreon you will receive lovely rewards for your support. For example discounts on future adopts, base-sets for you to use for you own art, tutorials, WIPs, Screenshots/Walkthroughs, fanart AND in the future I am considering NSFW Art aswell. You will be seeing this all before anyone else does and only YOU will be able to have access to rewards! Also any ol' support is really rad of you and makes me feel gooey and sticky on the inside like you cannot believe

Check it out. I'd be very happy to have you as my patron <3

I am back!

2016-10-23 19:07:30 by CherryLolo

Hey guys! sorry for being offline for so long ;~;

I hope you didn't miss me too bad... Just kidding. I hope you still love me the same way, like you used to. You know, the french girl-way ;D



Closed Species Valix

2016-02-09 19:10:42 by CherryLolo

Hey guys, please check out my closed species Valix.

I'm very proud of them. They are really interesting. All the info / background stories and pictures of them, can be found here:

Happy new years everyone!

2015-12-31 16:10:40 by CherryLolo

I wish you best of luck, health & wealth for 2016 <3333

My latest tutorial

2015-09-28 11:38:32 by CherryLolo

Check it out :3 And please subscribe



Open for commissions

2015-08-22 17:21:20 by CherryLolo

Hi guys, if you are interested in commissioning me, here are samples & prices:


I DO draw:

  • detailed
  • sexy art / Hentai / NSFW
  • transparent & simple backgrounds
  • OCs
  • Outfit designs

I do NOT draw

  • Males (for now)
  • Mecha/ Fursonas
  • more than 3 characters on one sheet


Any questions? Feel free to contact me




Hello boobie lovers

2015-04-02 06:55:06 by CherryLolo

If you are on deviantart, please have a look at my profile and maybe leave some kind words or even a watch :)

I'll watch back!

Hey to all my new fans :)

2015-03-12 13:51:13 by CherryLolo

Thanks so much for supporting me! You're great! You keep me going on

Love you


2015-02-26 16:01:24 by CherryLolo

In case you're interested in bidding in one of my adopt auctions on deviantART, click here;



Happy Holidays <3

2014-12-23 13:50:53 by CherryLolo

I hope you guys are enjoying your holidays! It was my last day of work for this year (Thank god!) Im so excited ! I love christmas, it's my favourite holiday <3 Theres just no snow over here in germany, which is kinda seldom actually at this time. O:

How about you? Snow at your place? Excited for christmas?