I am back!

2016-10-23 19:07:30 by CherryLolo

Hey guys! sorry for being offline for so long ;~;

I hope you didn't miss me too bad... Just kidding. I hope you still love me the same way, like you used to. You know, the french girl-way ;D




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2016-10-23 20:33:46

Welcome back, love the art as always :D

CherryLolo responds:

Thanks so much <3 ;~;


2016-10-24 17:04:54

Welcome back, Cherry and GL with being part of Patreon. :)

CherryLolo responds:

Thank you very much <3


2016-10-24 18:57:16

Welcome back, looking forward to see more from you soon! Greetings from Nürnberg

CherryLolo responds:

Hey danke! ich geb mein Bestes :)


2016-12-12 15:58:20

wb Cherry, and thank you really much,

btw, if I read what from french girl ... way, sorry, but, then I think on other things, mmmmhhhh ^^

ps. sorry dear, I know, you mean it definately not so, smile ... blink

CherryLolo responds:

No problem ;D