2014-07-03 18:36:29 by CherryLolo

You are able to buy phone cases, hoodies,T-Shirts, Clocks, pillows etc... with my art now.

Take a look and tell me what you think !







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2014-07-03 20:38:08

Kill la Kill looks good, but I could never get into that Japanese state of mind, when it comes to school...
IDK, the throw pillows might sell, and maybe the PS girl for a tote bag (for PS transportation). It's just that you don't see that many ppl wearing shirts with hot ladies on them, or if they do, it's because it's a patterned shirt. The electronics covers might do well, but again, sometimes it takes more than a pretty girl.

Hope the sales go well. It's like how things get done in the US: your vote doesn't mean shit, so you vote by buying products or stock. Let us know what's been selling!

CherryLolo responds:

Thanks for your opinion :)
Sure? I'll keep you updated


2014-07-04 08:38:13

Congratz hope it does really well for you.
Keep being awesome.

CherryLolo responds:

Thanks :D
I will try (>w<)