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Big announcement! Especially for DOA5 fans

2017-09-24 18:11:29 by CherryLolo

Hey guys :D
Long time no talk.


I wanted to announce, that you will be able to dress Lei Fang from DOA5 with an outfit I designed.

I won in the halloween contest. :) I am one of the top 10 winners.

You can't believe how happy I am. It was always a big dream to see one of my designs in a game I love <3 I hope to see you guys kicking ass with her in my outfit on halloween <33


Click here for bigger version:



Hey everyone,


in case you have a nice lady you'd like me to draw in NSFW -style, check this post:

Official Homepage

2017-06-21 14:03:54 by CherryLolo

Let me know what you think <3

I'd be so happy to see you leaving comments too!

Hey guys!

2017-06-17 23:28:24 by CherryLolo

Missed me? Probably not xD. Anyways, in case you have an OC that needs some nice clothing, let me know.

I'm designing outfits <3 

I am back!

2016-10-23 19:07:30 by CherryLolo

Hey guys! sorry for being offline for so long ;~;

I hope you didn't miss me too bad... Just kidding. I hope you still love me the same way, like you used to. You know, the french girl-way ;D



Closed Species Valix

2016-02-09 19:10:42 by CherryLolo

Hey guys, please check out my closed species Valix.

I'm very proud of them. They are really interesting. All the info / background stories and pictures of them, can be found here:

Happy new years everyone!

2015-12-31 16:10:40 by CherryLolo

I wish you best of luck, health & wealth for 2016 <3333

My latest tutorial

2015-09-28 11:38:32 by CherryLolo

Check it out :3 And please subscribe



Open for commissions

2015-08-22 17:21:20 by CherryLolo

Hi guys, if you are interested in commissioning me, here are samples & prices:


I DO draw:

  • detailed
  • sexy art / Hentai / NSFW
  • transparent & simple backgrounds
  • OCs
  • Outfit designs

I do NOT draw

  • Males (for now)
  • Mecha/ Fursonas
  • more than 3 characters on one sheet


Any questions? Feel free to contact me




Hello boobie lovers

2015-04-02 06:55:06 by CherryLolo

If you are on deviantart, please have a look at my profile and maybe leave some kind words or even a watch :)

I'll watch back!